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Reach your business potential.

Partner with Manelink and leverage our resources to build your business. Raise new capital to fund growth and improve operations from marketing analytics and consulting to agnostic solutions and sales support.

Partner Program

We Are Shaping The Future

Manelink is the IT and telecom industry’s preferred business partner for identifying and delivering cloud-based and connectivity solutions to small, midsize businesses and enterprises.

We are committed to providing our sales partners with a broad portfolio of solutions backed by the strongest agreements and top tier commission structure.


Why Our Consulting?

We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation.


Manelink will ensure a smooth transition, alleviate the burden of managing changes, and free up valuable time for our partners and their customers.


Manelink connects you to our customer care professionals that will take on tasks of day to day support, so you can spend your time growing your business.


Technology sales and implementation continue to change dramatically and solutions are complex. Partners with Manelink have the resources needed to win more opportunities and close deals.


Manelink’s national presence provides our agents with many options for their customer solutions. Our experience and National network of carriers makes Manelink the choice for independent agents and their customers.

What we do?

We help businesses grow with the right solutions delivered by expert professionals.

Partner Program

Your client relationships deserve a personal touch and frequent communication to secure business growth.

Partner Program

We ensure that your business is properly managed using our full host of services. This is our differentiator from competitors.

Marketing and Insights

Manelink gets your message out to customers for any communication needs, through our industry insights and expertise.

Marketing and Insights

Marketing is expensive, difficult, and time-consuming. We deliver all your marketing needs within your budget.


We execute and manage IT solutions and services for your specific needs and budget.


Manelink coordinates the many moving parts of implementing new technology for optimal results.