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The Ultimate Guide to SEO in 2019

SEO 2019 Introduction

Search engine optimization (SEO) will play an even bigger role in 2019 for business as search engine brains develop more and more. Our world seems to revolve around smart’ and search engines certainly symbolize this with, Smart Search Engines, on a mission with no looking back. We all have to be ready to adjust to our rapidly changing SEO conditions and it is important to stay in advance to the game.

We will look at the triple T’s, trend, techniques, and tools, which will play a big part in the SEO world during 2019, and strategize our SEO 2019 game plan. It is time to level up as the blueprint will be very different in 2019.

2019 Targets

Make sure you fully understand your goals. Write them down and use the S.M.A.R.T preparation plan because if you fail to prepare you will have to be prepared for failure.

• Specific: Define what it is you want to accomplish?

• Measure: Set your benchmark?

• Achievable: Is it realistic?

• Relevance: Is it really important?

• Time-Frame: When?

Answer the question and then check your benchmark on a regular basis.

1. Content Is Important

Whatever’s trending content does still matter so it is important to never lose sight of that and continue with the optimization for 2019’s strategies. According to Google content and links are their #1 and #2 ranking factors. Content plays an important role along with all the other bits that you have in play to attract customers. If you let this go, in any way, it will impact your overall game plan. Keep on top of any technical issues, duplicate or missing content, and Meta description tags as just one flaw in your armory will knock you off your perch and spoil all the good work done in other places. Use whatever you can find to keep checking your website and then fix any problems found immediately. Google SEO in 2019 will be more intelligent which will make site promotion a harder task. You want to be:

• Producing high quality content

• Using Website Optimization

• Keeping a close eye on all trends

                                    (Via Edward Sturm)

2. Content and Keywords

In the past Google picked up data for ranking, from content and keywords. Now Google is looking to improve on that and more background checks are in the equation. Google’s aim is to provide the best data and content packed full of keywords might not be the best approach anymore!

Content needs to be researched properly with an in-depth look at topics which means Google will have a greater opportunity to pick up everything with one hit. Studies have shown that in-depth content does hit good ranking hot spots.

How to Write In-Depth Content?

Go for a good quantity in-depth content post. Possibly 2,000 words or more. This should provide Google search drives with a lot of information about the feature. Studies again have proved this works. Longer posts outrank shorter ones.

Fresh Content – That Will Attract Viewers over a Long Period of Time

More studies have produced some interesting facts:

• Facebook traffic is down 50% from 2015!

• Pageviews everywhere are down!

• Blog posts don’t get a lot of shares!

• It’s evident that some content is making a big impact!

There is good news and bad news. Quality and reliable content, content that is researched and referenced, makes an impact and achieve links. This kind of content often described as Authoritative Evergreen Content,’ does the business. But it’s in the minority. Most content receives zero links. The standard is just not good enough!

3. Rank Brain

In 2015 Google launched RankBrain, an algorithm, as a technological tool to produce answers to search questions. Google announced that RankBran is their third most important ranking factor.

What is Rank Brain?

RankBrain is Google’s mechanism to assist with the procedure with Google search questions and is based on a system known as Learning by Machines. This is related to a machine, such as a computer, that uses self-tutor techniques to learn something. The machines are not user programs or any kind of human interaction.

Artificial Intelligence

With this type of procedure, the term Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) is often used and this is described as when machines are as intelligent as humans. For the IT world, AI is connected with computer techniques manufactured to study and find links that should provide answers to questions.

RankBrain is one part of Google’s search team and is not the driving force that impacts rankings. It is a Google team effort that decides this as billions of pages are reviewed, to find out which ones provide the best responses to questions asked.

RankBrain algorithm relies heavily on user experience. If a user searches for a query and clicks on a link, depending on how long the user stays on that website determines the value related to the term. For example a search term ranking number #1 where users only spent few seconds might get pushed down if the number #4 listed result gets more time spent on their site. The bounce rate along with click through rate of users directly effects the RankBrain metric.

(Via Backlinko)

Rankbrain has kicked on since 2015 which has placed Google in a very favorable position related to dealing with questions of greater complexity. As computers, increase their human knowledge, it should follow that search engines improve in tandem.

4. Mobile-First

These days’ mobile devices are used for as much as 60% of Google searches and Google has reacted to this with the launch of mobile-first indexing. This is to make websites more accessible to the mobile world and a lot easier to use. With this in mind create to make the sureness to your website looks good when people search for it on a mobile phone. Use this free tool from google, to test if your website is mobile friendly.

What is Google’s Mobile First Index?

Google’s mobile-first index means that Google records the mobile edition of a website first and that is the benchmark to figure out rankings. But if a website does not have a compatibility with mobiles the desktop edition will still be included in the index. It will just be indexed after mobiles. Obviously, with so much online action these days from mobiles, it is very important to ensure your website is functioning properly with mobile devices. It must function in a way that mobile edition works well and seamless. If you don’t perform this action it will have a very negative impact on your ranking! The fact that Google is putting mobiles first is a clear sign about how they see the future so it will definitely pay to get on board. In the past desktops were always considered the main sites that stored all the information and were regularly updated. Now, with this game change, it is important to check that both editions are functioning 100% correctly.

At the moment though there is no need to push any panic buttons. Google is going through the early stages of testing and implementation. Some websites have mobile and desktop functionality anyway so just carry on as normal.

5. AMP Improve Your Rankings?

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) – What kind of boost?

Despite the fact that Google has said that Accelerated Mobile Pages will stay outside the realms of ranking there are many who think this could change. Especially as AMP’s are speed oriented and Google does consider page speed a mobile ranking guideline. Also, as we have just looked at, the mobile-first index comes into the mix. In 2019 AMP and mobile-first index could be part of the rankings process.

(Via Google)

The situation could soon well be that mobile pages, manufactured with AMP, could well be performing far better than mobile pages without AMP.

6. Video Content

Video content is big. How frequently do you notice people watching something online instead of more traditional methods such as the TV or in a newspaper? By 2021, according to Cisco, 80% of online traffic will be video content. 2019 needs to be the year to implement video content, in a big way, if you have not previously. With text, articles combine them with video

content and use SEO-optimized with YouTube. Recent studies have shown that YouTube is the second largest search engine. In fact, it is 2x more popular than Bing.

7. Voice Search

The way people access data has rapidly changed over the previous few years as systems improve user confidences increase and voice search is a prime example.

According to Backlinko:

• Voice searches are performed everyday by 41% of adults

• On mobile 20% of all searches are from voice searches

• Google voice searches are up 35x since 2008

This number will grow each year with additional more people using voice-search tools. With this in mind consider these aspects of SEO for 2019. The prospect of voice searches will surely continue to turn into more intelligent, responsive, and accurate queries. So, you ought to take into story some aspect of SEO for voice searches.

Such as:

• Long-tail voice-oriented keywords.

• Schema Metadata

• Local SEO

• Optimization of Featured Snippets

8. Featured Snippets

SEMrush illustrates that 11.3% of all search results now have a Featured Snippet. The Snippets can often take clicks away from links holding the #1 spot.

To reach targets we need to understand what is popular and get in at the right time. Or as soon as possible.

Featured Snippets are marching forward with search results so what does it take to achieve a piece of content in a Featured Snippet?

• Find a keyword where you a rank.

• As questions in your articles and answer them

• Use images plus videos to catch attention.

The importance of a keyword, where you already rank, is owing to the fact that nearly

99.58% of all Featured Snippets are on the first pages of searches. For that reason you need to already be ranking on the top ten for that term. In 2019 Featured Snippets will play a big role as they fulfill a big user need which relates to simple answers to a question that can be digested quickly. To make the most of the Featured Snippet opportunities in 2019, take your content and use the question strategy that snippets follow.

Look at your own Q/A profile and adapt as best you can to optimize Featured Snippets. Also, make sure all the answers you provide are concise and to the point. This will help your ranking but keep thinking of all kinds of questions that could impact some kind of search for

your content.

9. Consider a New SEO Tool

For 2019 it might be worth considering a new SEO Tool or one that could possibly be a better alternative. In 2019, to strategy 2019, Search Optimization will play a big role in your:

• Business

• Brand

• Enterprise

• Corporation

For this reason, you need to make sure you are in the perfect place with regards how all facets of your products are optimized. We know that mobiles are playing a big part online such as social media, searches, and videos. With this in mind, it is important to that your SEO is involved in everything that is listed as followed:

• Marketing

• Advertising

• Design

• Optimization

• Video

• Content

• Mobile

• E-Commerce

You make sure your SEO is dialed into everything so you can keep pace, keep striving forward and keep your place at the top of the game.

10. Website

Search engines are a fantastic way to tempt people to a website which we know must have all the bases loaded in the best possible way. We need this in order to greet our customers in the best possible way. The On-page method of optimizing separate web pages has been developed in line with achieving search engines superior rankings with the idea this will attract more pertinent traffic

11. Google Search Console

The Google Search Console tool permits you to observe and uphold your site’s attendance with Google. It’s a way of showing your website on the map with a quite easy to follow. The procedure which can be found here.

The Google Search Console is like a map which lets search engines read it better and which means you rank better. Google Search Console results will be ready in 72 hours.


For 2019 make sure you develop a website that is technically perfect and ready for the mobile advancements that are on the way. Remember that the mobile version will probably be looked at more than the desktop so keep an eye on them both. For content we know it’s detailed fresh content that we need to focus on and that 2,000 + word articles should contain all they need to have a big impact on Google.

The good news is that everyone who works hard on a website should benefit from the added Google intelligence. Do all you can to prepare for 2019 and keep an eye on the trends which should keep you ahead of the game.

If you are struggling to rank your website consult with a reputable digital agency that will propel you in 2019. Our clients based in Toronto have seen a lot of success by being able to communicate their needs. An effective SEO company can find the pain points of your business and recommend opportunities to improve.

Let us know what tactics you’ll be applying for 2019, by leaving a quick comment below.